Here you can find the outputs and deliverables of Work Package 1.

Work Package 1

TIGRIS Analytical Tool Set | (PDF)

Explanation: The TIGRIS Analytical Tool Set comprises all survey and questionnaires used by the TIGRIS Consortium to
conduct its analysis on the condition for internationalisation in the Kurdistan Region. Providing the Tool Set 
is aimed at rendering the tools developed to other Erasmus+ CBHE projects or any interested party for use in their 
analytical activities.  

Work Package 1.1

TIGRIS Analysis of the condition for internationalisation at Kurdish HEIs compared to those in the European institutions | (PDF)

Explanation: The analysis looks at the existing conditions for internationalisation present in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
both at a systemic level (conditions set by the MHESR) as well as the level of Kurdish HEIs while also presenting the 
conditions in place in European partner HEIs thereby establishing a comparative perspective. This deliverable helps to 
establish and facilitate a common understanding of the situation present in Kurdistan Region today and by identifying 
existing conditions, issues, and gaps between Kurdish and European higher education supports the developmental work to
be done in Work Package 2 & 3. Furthermore, the comparative aspect offers Kurdish partners insights and information on 
how individual European HEIs answer to the challenges of internationalisation.

Work Package 1.2

TIGRIS Framework for comparison between existing regulation and procedures in Kurdish HEIs for development of double diplomas and joint degrees and those in place within EU partners | (PDF)

Expanation: The framework of comparison constitutes the deliverable of Work Package 1.2. As the deliverable of Work
Package 1.1, it is also comparative and qualitative in nature, but focuses on and analyses the existing conditions
present both in Kurdistan and in EU partner HEIs for developing joint/double/multiple degrees.

Work Package 1.3

TIGRIS List of Quality Indicators for Internationalization | (MS Word)

Explanation: A list of indicators produced by the project partner Global Impact Institute (GII), which later
in the project are going to be used to assess the quality of internationalization of Higher Education in Kurdistan Region
of Iraq.

Work Package 1.4

TIGRIS Report on the initial self-assessment of Kurdish HEIs regarding their conditions for internationalisation | (PDF)

Explanation: This report constitutes the deliverable of Work Package 1.4. It is based on the self-assessment of Kurdish
HEIs and the their data submitted via a questionnaire and an online tool (survey). It is divided into three parts: 
The first part is a general introduction specifying the context in which the Kurdish HEIs have to conduct their work. 
The second part comprises the overall analysis of the results across all Kurdish HEIs. The third part is composed of 
the individual self-assessments. While the deliverables of Work Packages 1.1 and 1.2 are comparative and more qualitative
in nature, the deliverable of Work Package 1.4 only looks at the situation of Kurdish HEIs and includes more quantitive 

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