The TIGRIS Project is anticipated to exert the following short-term and long-term academic and social impacts:

  • Increased interest and recognition of the importance of internationalisation in stutdent and staff development;
  • The creation of a framework for the recognition of studies conducted abroad;
  • The establishment of joint ventures/programmes (both national and international);
  • The creation of a group of experts tasked with disseminating knowledge about the EHEA system and transferring knowledge to other HEIs and the wider academic community;
  • The internationalisation of the HE system in Kurdistan;
  • The development of a benchmarking tool for mapping the quality of internationalisation in Kurdish HEIs;
  • Lifelong learning skills for senior managers and International Relations Officers;
  • The integration of internationalisation strategies within HEIs;
  • An increased quality of education in Kurdistan;
  • Increased cooperation between Kurdistan and the EHEA;
  • Increased awareness of the internationalisation of Kurdistan in the EHEA and other countries worldwide.
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