Here you can find the official guides and guidelines of the EACEA regarding Erasmus+ CBHE projects and their implementation.

Erasmus+ Programme Guide

 Erasmus+Programme Guide | (PDF)

Explanation: The offical Erasmus+ Programme Guide by the EACEA is a comprehensive guide to the Erasmus+ Programme 
itself. It offers (1) a general overview of the Programme, (2) provides specific information about the Actions of 
the Programme, and (3) gives detailed information on procedures for grant application and selection of projects, 
as well as the financial and administrative provisions linked to the award of an Erasmus+ grant. 

It is advisable for every partner of the TIGRIS Project to get familiarized with this document, not only for
the implementation of the TIGRIS Project but also for future cooperation projects with European Higher Education
Institutions (HEIs) which strive for funding by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Erasmus+ Guidelines for the Use of the Grant

 Erasmus+ Guidelines for the Use of the Grant | (PDF)

Explanation: The official Guidelines for the Use of the Grant by the EACEA provide guidance to the beneficiaries 
(members of the Project Consortium) with regards to the implementation of the activities and the use of the grant 
relating to Capacity Building Projects in the field of Higher Education (CBHE) funded under the Erasmus+ programme. 

In short, the document details the parameters and requirement for the project's implementation set by the EACEA and
is obligatory for all project members. Every partner should be familiar with this key document!
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